OpenBRR and QSoS

Continuing with the subject Project Evaluation, for assessment of FLOSS software we need some tools and methodologies that allow and facilitate to us the decision about the correct solution for our necessities.

Two of these methodologies are:

  • OpenBRR (Open Business Readiness Rating): is an evaluation methodology defining an open and standard framework to make quickly informed and studied decisions on FLOSS solutions. Lead by the CarnegieMellon West University, Spike Source, Intel and O’Reilly’s Code Zoo. Have these evaluable categories:
1. Functionality 7. Architecture
2. Usability 8. Support
3. Quality 9. Documentation
4. Security 10. Adoption
5. Performance 11. Community
6. Scalability 12. Professionalism

You can see the model of OpenBRR in the following image and download the template here to evaluate some tool:

  • QSoS (Qualification and Selection of Open Source software): is another methodology for assessing FLOSS, lead by Atos Origin and licensed with GNU Free Documentation License. QSoS defines 4 steps that are part of an iterative process:

From my point of view, have tools that facilitate the difficult task of project evaluation is really interesting and usefull, because give to us a guide and some references to do this type of work. When we are thinking in change some tools, in a company or in a project, to have some criteria to select the right tool is fundamental to make a good decision.


OpenBRR in Wikipedia

QSoS in Wikipedia

OpenBRR White Paper

QSoS Documentation




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