Developers in FLOSS

In the subject Developers and Motivations, we have seen some statistics on the characteristics of participants involved in the development of free software and some are very curious.

Here the conclusions:

  • Young male with a university degree.
  • Tight link of the university with FLOSS.
  • Pareto’s Law in dedication hours.
  • Non-monetary, non-egocentric motivations.
  • Main motivation: sharing and learning.
  • Good coding does not always mean reputation.

What I find most interesting is that the main motivations of FLOSS developers are sharing and learning, however I always thought that the greatest motivation was a matter of recognition, which leads to learning and ultimately a quest for reputation higher job level, but it is clear that not everyone is looking for this recognition but simply wants to share knowledge with others and participate in projects in a collaborative way, learning not only technically but how to work with different projects and groups.

From my point of view, the FLOSS world must assure these motivations as they are the key to attract a lot of people to the projects (and not only the objective or the reputation of the project, but what you put at the disposal of others or where they let participate), making available all the information about the project . Share and learn are part of the philosophy of FLOSS.





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