Eclipse an essential tool

Continuing with the Development Tools, something which is essential for every developer is to have a good IDE (Integrated Development Environment), regardless of programming language in which it develops.

One of the major IDEs in the world is Eclipse, which is free software licensed under the Eclipse Public License.

Eclipse, unlike most IDEs on the market, is a tool designed to provide the basis for any type of development, it is not a monolithic system for a specific purpose, it is a system based on plugins, so can be adapted to the needs of each developer. In this way, can be used for application development in Java, C/C++, Python, etc. using the plugins created for these languages.

Its main features are:

– Text editor with syntax highlighting.

– Compilation is in real time.

– Unit testing (JUnit).

– Integration with version control.

– Wizards for creating projects, classes, tests, etc..


– Debug.

The power of Eclipse is that not only is a development environment, it is an environment that can combine multiple tools used daily when working in a software project (version control, web servers, bug tracking, testing, etc.).

In the case that concerns us as we saw in previous sessions, we are using the Python programming language for the development of a Crawler, using the Git version control to upload the sources, and now we are going to integrate with Eclipse, that provides us a large part of the necessary tools in a single environment.

From my point of view, this integration of tools is very interesting because not only useful for the developer, but serves to optimize the time spent on tasks that must be done within a software development project, whether free or not. Eclipse is a great tool, I have not used for a long time, but if other IDEs (not free) and I have to say I think one of the best IDEs, is simple to use and has all the required options, making it very flexible and adaptable to the needs of developers.

As a developer, I believe it is very important that development environments allow to integrate different tools to help everyday tasks, which are numerous. In that way Eclipse has managed to cover these needs and is precisely what makes him one of the IDEs used in the world.


Eclipse in Wikipedia





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