Development Tools

A new year of Master in Free Software, and begins with the subject “Development Tools”, which aims to show a series of free tools for software development that serve of help us every day of this arduous task, Software Development.

The first tool for developers who have shown us, is the famous control version Git, which I have discussed previously.

This time, instead of seeing the commands to use this version control, we will see some web services that we provide the necessary platform to create and store Git repositories of free and easy way to house FLOSS projects. Exists several of these hosting services, the most popular are Github and Gitorious.

I will focus on Gitorious, although Github provides the same characteristics.

The main services Gitorious available are:

  •      Project Hosting.
  •      Activity monitoring.
  •      Public merge request.
  •      Project Wikis.
  •      Contributions Team.

To create a repository, you must perform a register which is free and easy. Once registered, you can create projects and repositories, manage colaborators, view the log of activities, etc.

It is important to configure your SSH key to upload source to repository safely.

I’ve been using this service for some time and Git for the job, and I can assure you is a great tool, easy to use and simple to set up that allows keeping track of versions of the code source of each of the projects we have. This makes it easier to see the changes you are commiting in the project and gives a good platform to work in team in projects of FLOSS development.

All yours, I hope you useful …


Git website

Definition of Git




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