About Git

In the first class of the subject, Case Studies I, we received a talk about Git, a FLOSS distributed control version, curiosly we changed from CVS to Git some time ago at work, so it has proved very useful this talk to strengthen my knowledge on this software.

Obviously the version controls are essential in the daily work of a development department, to visualize each of the changes made by each developer, retrieve previous versions, compare different versions, etc. It also provides tools for migration from other transmission versions, such as subversion or CVS, which facilitates the migration of a quick and easy.

Here we see some basic commands for using Git, aiming to serve as a quick guide to readers:

– Create a new repository
$ Mkdir project
$ Cd project
$ Git init

– Perform commits:
$ Git add file1 file2 …
$ Git diff – cached
$ Git status
$ Git commit

– Check the record:
$ Git log

– Cloning a repository
$ Git clone <uri>

– Getting updates
$ Git fetch <uri>
$ Git merge origin / master

– Get Changes
$ Git pull

– Updating a remote repository
$ Git push

From my point of view, Git is a great tool easy to use, very functional and fast, in our particular case, the adaptation of CVS to Git was a breeze for the whole team.

Try it!!! I recommend this software, although I admit that there are other managers, also free, which provide similar functionality with a great performance as subversion, CVS or mercurial.


Git website

Git on Wikipedia

Git Community Book




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