Free Software on Servers

In the second session of the subjetc “Deployment”, we had a talk on “Libre Software on Servers”, where we showed several cases of success in the implementation of free software, in this case, the server side. There are plenty of server solutions currently used in many companies, such as Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), bind (dns server), and a long list for different solutionsin virtualization, mail servers, management tools, backup systems, storage, firewalls, etc.

From my point of view, of this presentation can be drawn two very clear messages, although we not had time to see the full presentation, the first thing is that there are a large number of management tools for servers, indicating that from the free software world has contributed a great deal of time and effort on the part of communities in this area, with the aim of providing a complete set of management solutions and systems management.

Secondly, I can see that just as in the world of desktop free solutions have not achieved great success stories, some partial as we saw in the City Hall of Zaragoza, in the case of servers we can find some free products have large market shares (eg Apache), and therefore represent a major success in the introduction of free software in real production environments.

In my opinion, if there is a battle between free software and private, the scene of the servers both have great victories, but on the desktop solutions should focus to make a place for best results and give confidence to users , as the results are very small in this case. In the world of servers, system administrators are already familiar with free software environments, but end users have difficulty unlearning forget the tools that have used a lifetime, this is what makes it so complex, but have good free software for desktop, give at least the possibility to establish a foundation that serves as a platform for change to the generations that have yet to customs, to think about alternatives.

I leave the link of the presentation:


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