Twitter controversial ad

On 12 March, an announcement by Twitter, asked developers to stop develop clients or applications for this social network, due to the need to provide a uniform experience to users of Twitter through official applications , the Web or other popular applications.

This announcement has caused a general unease among the developers of this community, among other things, the forcefulness with which they produced the ad, as seen in this excerpt:

“Developers That Have Told us they’d like more guidance from us about the best Opportunities to build on Twitter. More specifically, developers ask us if They Should build client apps That mimic or reproduce the mainstream consumer Twitter client experience. The answer is no.”

One of the most important issues when making announcements to the community is to be tactful when making statements that may involve discomfort in the community, in this particular case, from my point of view, should have tried to discuss with the other developers, which are the most relevant and useful application for Twitter, and have not made ​​a cut to the chase, indicating that it should continue with the developments. One thing is to take an important decision, with the aim of unifying tools and not fall into such a big spectrum of possibilities that make these are less powerful or less useful to users. Therefore should have chosen a less hard and sharp statement, explaining to the community the problems that are emerging surroundings with this problem.

Of course it is my opinion and I have the vision of those managing Twitter, but common sense tells me that has not worked well in this case.





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