Technical Infrastructure

Continuing with the book “Produccing Open Source Software” from Karl Fogel, in the third chapter,Fogel gives technical requirements that must when launching a free software project, such as web page, mailing lists, version control software or systems error management and in order to provide the tools necessary to collaborative work within the projects.

From my point of view, this section presents two issues of great utility:

1. It is not necessary to have the resources needed to get all the software tools that are necessary to accommodate the project and make available to other communication channels to facilitate if I work within the project. There are sites that provide these tools for free, enabling people and organizations with limited resources, fully operational environments have to publish their projects and surroundings communities generate them.

2. The use of mailing lists is a fundamental tool for open source projects as following rules of style and media, become the interface between community members, is therefore essential to have a good mailing list system.

These is a very interesting chapter, and fundamental to decide the tools which do your community work better, is the part more technician of the project, an I love this kind of themes.

I recommend this chapter to all persons wishing to start or not a free software project, because it shows not only the needs of a project but how to organize to get the most performance and how to provide the necessary routes to work so collaborative.





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