In chapter six, of “Producing Open Source Software”, sets out guidelines and recommendations about communication, both within and out of the project, with the aim of establishing rules for communication between members of the community and how to act in every possible situations that may occur in the daily work in a community of free software.

In my opinion, there are two issues that strike me the most interesting, the first is that “you are what you write”, this is your window to the world, because in most cases the only way to identify and meet people have is with the way you express yourself within the community, which offer the solutions you give, ultimately, what you bring and how they bring to the community.

On the other hand, are interesting patterns that are exposed to when dealing with difficult people, with rudeness, bad manners and people who hamper the development of the project in some way. I think a rule that usually works is to ignore common sense, and certainly not lose his temper in these situations. It is always more productive for all, dealing with diligence and good manners any friction that occurs in a project.

A phrase I always use in my private and professional life, is never do what you do not want to make you think it is perfectly applicable to this case.





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