Introduction to Project Management

The past January 14 began the second part of the Master in Free Software with the subject “Project Management”.

The first practical exercise we had to do in class, were to create a small presentation and conclusions on competition in the market on a particular type of program, in order to see the viability at the time of release a software program like free.

Therefore, one of the tasks should be performed prior to address or manage a FLOSS project is to study the market for products that compete against the software, in order to know against whom he competes and that needs covering those products in the market.

From my point of view this is a fundamental task in both the free software world like any other product, because it is the best way to see several issues, first and most important of all, to see if someone is doing just like us, who are the ones best positioned in the market, see the features that cover the programs that currently exist in the market as well to see if our software can compete with these products and gives us a vision of what that sets it apart from the rest.

In the case of my work group, we got to see the competition that exists on a CMS (Content Manager System), which is great, both free and private goods. Doing a little exploration found this link (, which from my point of view, is a great gauge of CMS’s, simple, useful, configurable and fast.




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