Free Software alternatives

One of the people’s concerns is that there are not free software tools to carry out their work with equal efficacy, safety and providing the same functionality that they provide proprietary software Supplied tools currently use.

I add to readers a list of proprietary software and free software equivalents, here [ES].

This way they can see how many free software tools, provide the same benefits as those who are not, and can prove without any restrictions the compatibility with existing tools. This is one of the advantages of free software, giving users freedom to run the program without having to pay license, without trial version of a few days, and even if it acquires the necessary capacity, add new features and customize it for common uses of the user.

In my most humble opinion, do not be afraid to try new tools, and dare to change the tools of normal life, something that provides more freedom. I want to stress that no urge you to use free software above all else and forget to use proprietary software, but that, like saying the famous announcement, “search, compare and if you find something better, buy it. “.



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