Apple vs Motorola

Last October, Motorola sued Apple for alleged violation of up to 18 patents in the iPad, the iPhone and some Mac models

Only a month later, Apple strikes and accuses Motorola of violating rights of six patent of the iPhone in its Droid model, powered by Android. From Apple claim that Motorola have copied the software and other technology touch screen display and repeat exactly the same argument Motorola used in its sue, stating that “Motorola infringing activities have caused and continue to cause irreparable harm to Apple. “

There is a heated debate around the patent system in the U.S., because instead of encouraging innovation and improving the industry, encourage a war in which big companies attack to their competition by legal ways, not products or services. This makes they are more concerned about patenting, not only to attack, but also hedge against possible infringements, which get really innovative products and accessible to society.
Should consider whether the patent system actually exists for what is supposed to be created.

References: The Inquirer




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