Others funcionalities of Google Chrome

Here have some little-known funcionalities of the Chrome Web browser:

1. Pin Tab: really interesting for tabs that you use always.

2. Paste and Go / Paste and Search: good funcionality, all the people use copy and paste in a new address bar to visit the link or in Google to search some information, with this utility you can do it easily.

3. Drag and Drop Downloads: usefull to put your downloads in the correct folder.

4. Resources Page: in the development tool included in Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+I to activate), there are an option to view more information of the websites that you visit.

5. Task Management: you can kill a tab without close the browser (Shift+Esc to show).

6. Quick Calculation Results from Address Bar: very usefull and quick.

7. Drag and Resize Text Box on a Webpage: yeah, you can resize Text Box if you want.

8. Site search from Address bar.

9. Information About Memory: if you type “about:memory” in the address bar, you give detailed insights into how different processes in the browser are consuming memory.

10. Application Shortcuts: to put shortcuts in your Chrome (menu “Tools –> Create application shortcuts”).

11. Sync Bookmarks to Google Account: one of the most interesting funcionality.

My favorite features are 1 and 4, usually used at work. The first, to organize and manage our most used tags and so dispose of them in a simple and orderly. The second is a very good tool for developers, allowing you to see the source code of the webpage you are visiting, see the styles that apply to each element, executing javascript script, see execution times, among other utilities.

To see some pictures of this funcionalities and get more details click in the reference link.

Reference: WWWhat’s New [ES]




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